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Growing a podcast to 50k downloads in 6 months - Danny Miranda, The Danny Miranda Show

Danny Miranda runs the Danny Miranda Show, a podcast he's rapidly grown to 50k downloads in just 6 months. He's relentless, focused and consistent, publishing 3 episodes a week with some of his favorite authors and entrepreneurs. In this episode we discuss how he's so focused, how he minimises distractions and uses accountability to help him achieve his goals.

Build in a competitive market, or go niche? - Derrick Reimer, SavvyCal

Derrick Reimer is the founder of SavvyCal, and co-host on the Art of Product podcast. We talk about what it takes to build a product in one of the most competitive markets there is, calendar scheduling, how Derrick has grown the business over the past few months and how his TinySeed funding has helped him scale.

How to build a business you actually enjoy - Natalie Nagele, Wildbit

Natalie Nagele is the co-founder of Wildbit, the company behind Postmark, Beanstalk, People-First Jobs and more. Wildbit has just turned 20 years old, so Natalie knows exactly what it takes to grow and scale successful bootstrapped businesses. In this episode we talk about how to build a business you don't hate, how to find work that fulfils you, and what you can do to find deep work.

$600 MRR and 150 new users per day with SEO and marketing - Elston Baretto, Tiiny Host

In this episode we have Elston Baretto, who is the founder of Tiiny Host and is probabably in a similar position to most indie hackers - working on his side-project that earns a few hundred dollars MRR, alongside a full time job. We talk about how Elston made $1,000 in a couple of days using lifetime deals, how his SEO strategy has led to over 150 sites a day being created using his product and the tactics used for that.

Building a mid 6-figure Notion course in under a year, solo - Marie Poulin, Notion Mastery

Marie started the Notion Mastery course back in Nov 2019, growing that to a mid 6-figure business in under a year. Her whole business has been built on taking a leap of faith an niching down and putting her sole focus on this notion course. In this episode we talk about her compounding efforts over the years that have led her to such an impressive year, and how her YouTube channel has contributed to almost 80% of course traffic.

Lessons learned bootstrapping and selling a $55k p/m SaaS - Arvid Kahl, TheBootstrappedFounder

In this episode I speak with Arvid Kahl, who sold his SaaS, FeedbackPanda, for a life-changing amount of money in 2019, two years after founding the business and growing it to $55k a month. Arvid writes on TheBootstrappedFounder.com because bootstrapping is a desirable, value- and wealth-generating way of running a company. He's written the book Zero to Sold and more recently, The Embedded Entrepreneur which at the time of recording was called Audience First, which you'll hear us reference in the episode.

Making $15k in 24 hours selling a book on Gumroad - Philip Kiely, Gumroad

In this episode I talk to Philip Kiely, Head of Marketing at Gumroad, about how he made 20k in his first week selling an info product, why the creator economy is booming, and how you can launch your own product.

Making over $5k/month from a portfolio of side projects - Dan Rowden, ilo

Today we're joined by Dan Rowden, who is an entrepreneur and product builder currently based in Mauritius. Dan, like many other indie hackers runs a bunch of projects alongside a full-time job, which all compound to him making over $5k a month with these projects. In this episode we talk about how Dan manages his time throughout his projects, why he hasn't gone full time yet and what he did when a $75k acquisition offer came along.

Turning $100 into $52,000 selling handmade candles DTC - Dianna Allen, TERRA

How do you turn $100 into $52,000 in revenue selling candles? Well, Dianna Allen, previously of Budget Meal Planner fame, did exactly this. She's been so successful selling these candles that in October 2020, she went full time on her DTC brand, TERRA. In this episode, we talk about the steps she took to get here.

How Pat Walls made $20k in 2 weeks from his SEO course - Pat Walls, Starter Story

In this episode, Pat Walls, founder of Starter Story is sharing how he made 20k in pre-sales on his new SEO course in just 2 weeks.

Choosing freedom over money - Rob Hope, One Page Love + Yo!

Rob Hope is a South African designer, developer and founder of One Page Love; which you might have seen. Rob is an expert on Landing Pages so we talk a little about what makes one that stands out, but then we also talk about Rob's multiple products and how they all come together to sustain him, despite not chasing money.

Why indie hackers should be podcasting - Mark Asquith, Rebel Base Media

I’ve got a slightly different format today as I’m speaking with podcast expert, Mark Asquith, about the benefits of podcasting for Indie Hackers. Mark is no stranger to building businesses, running a portfolio of podcast-focused businesses here in the UK. He’s bootstrapped most of them, but has also raised funding for others, so he’s got experiences on both sides.

Making a full-time income working just one day per week - Ramy Khuffash, Page Flows

What's it like making a full-time income in just a day, meaning you have the remaining four days to do whatever you want with? Well, that's exactly the situation Ramy Khuffash is in. It certainly has it's benefits, but there are some challenges you might not necessarily think about.

Paying off $250k in debt by starting a company making $1.5m ARR - Nick Fogle, Wavve

Paying down any amount of debt is difficult, let alone $250,000 of it. That's exactly what Nick Fogle did as he faced that number on Christmas day in 2016. Nick made it his sole focus to pay down his debt, while working full time and co-running Wavve, an audio to video platform which is now at around $1.5m ARR. I talk to Nick about how he paid down the debt and kept himself sane running a company at the same time.

Building the one of the most popular Slack apps of all time - Wilhelm Klopp, Simple Poll

Wilhelm Klopp has had an interesting journey as an indie hacker, leaving his comfortable job as a software engineer at GitHub, to creating one of the most popular Slack apps of all time, Simple Poll. The app has been installed on over 600,000 workspaces and is supporting a full-time income for Wil and his small team. I discuss the story of how he built and grew Simple Poll and what it's like living the dream as a full-time indie hacker.

Building a SaaS with just one hour every day - Mubashar Iqbal (Mubs)

Mubs is a prolific maker, having made over 90 side projects throughout his career. I was interested to find out what it takes to come up with ideas, validate them and then execute so quickly. Currently, Mubs is building Founderpath with Nathan Latka, and building a SaaS project in just one hour every day with One Hour SaaS.

What it takes to build a community - Rosie Sherry, Indie Hackers

Rosie Sherry is a community-building expert, so I wanted to find out what it takes to build one from the ground up. It's certainly not easy, but if you're prepared to put in the work, get to know your people, and keep them actively interested, you'll do well.

Leaving a full-time head of growth role to be a full-time indie hacker - Corey Haines, Swipe Files and more

As of the week we recorded this, Corey Haines became a full-time Indie Hacker, working on his profitable side projects he'd built alongside his role as Head of Growth at Baremetrics. Corey builds things quickly and makes the most of his time, with a variety of marketing and growth businesses making thousands in revenue.

How VEED grew to $1.7m ARR in less than 2 years - Sabba Keynejad, Veed.io

I first met Sabba at a pub in London when Veed was just an early beta product making $0. Fast forward a few years, Veed is now making over $100,000 a month and growing rapidly. It's well-executed product in a growing market, but that hasn't stopped Sabba and the team firing on all cylinders to grow the business. I talk with Sabba for 15 minutes about how they came up with the idea, how they've managed to grow so quickly and advice for indie hackers that are looking to go full-time on their business.

What's important for indie hackers in 2020 - Courtland Allen, Indie Hackers

Courtland Allen is the founder of Indie Hackers. He started the community that has inspired so many of us to start our bootstrapped businesses and changed our lives for the better. In this conversation, we speak about why Courtland started Indie Hackers, what it's like working on a business within Stripe, how you should stay motivated as a one-person team and what trends are important in 2020.

$3k MRR with 600 paying members writing about mindful productivity - Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Ness Labs

Anne-Laure inspired me with this conversation covering how she grew Ness Labs to over 600 paying members ($3k MRR), how to be mindfully productive (backed by her research as a Neuroscience masters student), and what we can do as a community to be more inclusive.

Starting over 40 side-projects in 10 years - Helen Ryles

Helen Ryles knows what it takes to start and sell side-projects. Having started her entrepreneurial journey over 10 years ago, she has launched over 40 side projects in that time, selling a few of them along the way. Now leading the community at Makerpad, Helen gives some incredible advice on what it takes to ideate, build and sell projects all using no code tools.

Building Marketing Examples to 30k email subscribers - Harry Dry, Marketing Examples

Harry Dry is the founder of Marketing Examples, a fast-growing showcase of successful startup marketing stories. When I first spoke to Harry on the Marketing Mashup about a year ago, he was on 5,000 subscribers and £1k revenue. Now, he has 6x that amount with 30,000 subscribers and 50,000 Twitter followers. An incredible growth story from a smart marketer.

Growing a paid community to $800 MRR - Charlie Ward, Weekend Club

Charlie is the founder of Weekend Club, an online community of indie hackers, all working with each other to reach their side project goals and stay accountable. Weekend Club was born out of the London indie hacker meetup Charlie also founded called Indie Beers. Since then Charlie has become a prominent figure in the London indie hacker scene, also running the Indie London community.

Indie Bites Trailer - what's it all about?

Welcome to Indie Bites. This podcast will bring you short, bite-sized conversations (no more than 15 minutes) with indie hackers that have started small, profitable and bootstrapped businesses. You'll learn how they come up with ideas, what they do to validate, find those first customers and make a sustainable income. All without the long backstory and fluff.

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